The Woman Behind The Headstick

After 48 years living primarily in the San Francisco area (interrupted by three months in Wales in 1985 and two years in Memphis between 1995 and 1997), I moved to the Greater Boston Area in 2002 to marry my darling John. Although we both use power wheelchairs and I type with a headstick, we manage to lead active lives. During good weather, we often visit historic and literary sites in the area. Throughout the year, I occupy myself creating digital artwork using Paint Shop Pro X5, Painter Lite and CorelDRAW, as well as  blogging, listening  to online Christian sermons and (most importantly) using e-Sword Bible study software (a free program) to study (and hopefully apply) God's Word.


  1. It is great to see your site, God bless you.

  2. Just saw your comment at Cripplgate and had to see who was behind the beautiful smile...Blessings, sister! :-)


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