My Intentions For This Blog

Sometimes I wonder if two separate blogs might be better. One would center on my personal life, offering samples of my digital drawings, recounting my infamous Boston Adventures and sharing a variety of snippets from my life. The other would concentrate on doctrinal issues, and how doctrine affects the way Christians live. By separating my blogging into two focused categories, everything would be neatly organized, and I might even attract bigger audiences.

But my head rumbles with all sorts of ideas, from "the ridiculous to the sublime," and compartmentalizing my thoughts into two distinct blogs seems like an awful lot of work. As I've prayed about the direction of this blog, I believe the Lord gives me liberty to intertwine serious topics with light-hearted ones, celebrating His joy while honoring His holiness.

Ultimately, this blog exists to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ. Whether I mention Him or not, He is my Creator, as well as the One behind every blessing. And when my posts betray my sinful attitudes and behaviors, they only demonstrate His perfect standard against the disgraceful backdrop of my depravity. In all I post, may He receive the glory!

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  1. I have two the start I wanted to keep Flutterbys for the things I see wrong in the world and things I couldn't quite figure out ...wanted a place where I could mull over these things. Bible Treasures was a place to put uplifting thoughts from Bible reading. Lately Bible Treasures has not stayed on only what is uplifting, unless you look at it in the Romans 8:28 sense and Flutterbys used to be more about "conspiracy theories" and evidence of end times the latter is now more of the main theme mostly evidence of the Great falling away... anyway, always enjoy what you say on your blog


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