The Art From My Head

As a little girl (and even through my early teens), I could hold pencils and crayons in my left hand, with the point protruding through the "thumb-index finger side" of my fist. If I sat on the floor with my knees together and my legs out to either side, I had sufficient control to draw pictures. Not perfect control, mind you! Cerebral Palsy made sure I'd jerk when I was drawing, so noses would be longer than desired, eyes would be noticeably different shapes, and hair would be unkempt. But there was an underlying talent, and it might have developed into something, had I not been disabled.

At age fifteen, the years of sitting with my knees inward and my legs twisting out (combined with having been born with no hip socket) caused my right hip to dislocate. Consequently, I lost my ability to sit on the floor. I tried to draw with my hand in  my wheelchair. Wasn't going to happen. Then I tried with my mouthstick (which I use for signing my name). Disaster! So, I became a writer.

Fast-forward to 2003, when I installed Paint Shop Pro on my computer. I spent the first year playing with the photo-editing tools, which was fun. But then John bought me an e-book tutorial, and I learned how to use the drawing tools! From there, I kept Google busy, finding all sorts of tutorials for Paint Shop Pro. Over time, I learned to tweak and adapt, creating all kinds of images! Take a look:


  1. These are awesome! My drawing talents are limited to stick figures. Pencil or computer - my stick dogs look like my stick cows =)

  2. Hi DebbieLynn, Love your work here!

    Art is in the head, getting it out is every artist's problem.

    I'm one too and I have taught adults who think it's all about technique, but it is their ideas that make art and what's inside will come out one way or another! I can't tell you how many times a student has asked me for the "best" media, brushes, paints, or colors for making quality art and I always have to tell them something like this;

    it doesn't matter what you use if you don't have an interesting message it'll be boring or unimpressive, but you can use chalk or a burnt stick on a sidewalk, or your finger on the car window, (or as you, DebbieLynn do with your computer) to make ART if you have your own IDEA to share.

    Your art shows this. I always regard writing as the highest art, wish I could improve mine, your writing and these visual works are full of IDEAS that interest, your style is as the kids used to say, "Waaaaaaaaay cool!"

  3. Debbie - you have always amazed me and that is for about 45-50 years! You are my idol!!!!! More love, Peggy Sideroff Danna

  4. Hi Debbie Lynn,

    How nice to find your website, and see your artwork. You and Joni could open an art gallery or a museum!

    Roger Agness
    LIA 1987

  5. Hi Debbie,

    Wow! A writer and an artist! I can't draw or paint to save my life, as they say. I find your art very soothing. Innocent and pure. Just lovely. Please continue to share your talent!

  6. You are an inspiration to me. You encourage me not to quit. Thank You.


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