Sunday, July 12, 2015

My Faithful Father

At my age, I really should know better than to fall into the sin of worry. Each time I worry, I forget God's sovereignty and consequently malign His character. Looking at it from that perspective plunges me into an attitude of confession and repentance for dishonoring my Heavenly Father.

Because God brought me to new birth when His Spirit gave me faith in Jesus as my Savior, He blesses me with the privilege of calling Him "Father." As my Father, He assumes full responsibility for my care and well-being. Therefore, He constantly demonstrates His faithfulness, thereby revealing the absurdity of  my tendency to worry.

Each morning, I begin my time alone with God adoring Him for being my faithful Father. Slowly, He really is giving me victory over the sin of worry as I remember the beloved hymn that I've chosen to feature today. This hymn sets my mind on His faithfulness as the Father Who chose to make me His daughter.

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