Monday, June 29, 2015

Two Reasons I'll Wait

Naturally, I'll be blogging quite a bit on the Supreme Court's legalization of same sex marriage. The misruling poses enormous implications for Biblical Christians, guaranteeing legal persecution as we hold to Scripture's definition of marriage. The many ramifications of the Court's decision suggest that I'll be composing quite a few posts on this matter. For that reason, I choose not to delve into the topic right away.

Yes, it's this week's hot topic, and I could probably get a good amount of traffic by writing about it now. Admittedly, after five days away from blogging, I feel the temptation to post an article that would draw readers, but I have two reasons for biding my time.

To begin with, I'd like to post photos from the Red Sox game that we attended with my sister this past Thursday. Okay, that post may appeal to a more limited audience (though sometimes you guys surprise me), and I certainly understand why that would be the case. But my Boston Adventures in part formed the foundation of this blog. As a result, I believe those photos belong here.

But the more serious reason for delaying comments on this error in the Court's judgment comes from a desire to weigh the thoughts of others by measuring their thoughts against Scripture. Definitely, legalizing same sex marriage in all 50 states ensures that Bible believing Christians who dare to call homosexuality a sin will suffer persecution. The issue therefore shifts from the moral validity of these marriages to how Christians should respond to the intense pressure to embrace sexual sin. And I prefer to think very carefully before I start putting my opinions on the Internet.

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  1. Can hardly wait to read your thoughts on it DebbieLynne...I've been reading some on this, it grieves me to see how far America is falling into depravity, but am thankful that Jesus "saw it coming" and warned us these things would happen. I found a wonderful testimony given by a former lesbian activist. She says many things about the methods of how the LGBT has taken over America....but the things she said about her conversion from being a lesbian really rang so true. She said the problem that many homosexuals have with leaving LGBT life is they focus only on their sexual sin, when Jesus wants it all, we have many sins besides the sexual ones, and all of it must be surrendered to Him. I'll post her testimony on my flutterbys blog today. I hope you will have time in your busy day to be able to watch it. It is about 25 minutes long. Love you and bless you :)


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