Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Summer's For More Than Blogging

After a seemingly endless and decidedly brutal winter in New England, spring has whizzed by at break-neck speed. According to my calendar, summer officially begins this coming Sunday. Winter's duration and severity kept me and John sequestered in our apartment so that the extreme cold wouldn't adversely affect our breathing, landing one or both of us in the hospital. The extended time in our home conditioned me to blog daily.

I appreciate having had that time to concentrate on blogging, particularly because I've developed my writing skills and (more importantly) have deepened the theological content. Christ has greater prominence in my posts, as well He should. Consequently, I feel an increased responsibility to blog regularly and frequently so that He  may be consistently be lifted up before my readers.

Summer changes things, however. Already, spring has given me and John a few days for Boston adventures and medical appointments. Our activity will increase during the next three weeks, and especially between June 24 and 29 when my sister comes from California to collect her Christmas/birthday present (we're taking her to a Red Sox game at Fenway.) As a result, I'll blog less leading up to her visit, and not at all while she's here.

I pray that, despite producing fewer blog posts this summer, the posts I do write will honor the Lord with intensity, accuracy, and unmistakable adoration for Him. Even when I write about our infamous escapades in Boston, which I'm sure to do, I  look forward to writing with thankfulness to Him for allowing us to enjoy the city.

Winter will return soon enough, and then I'll have plenty of time for daily blogging. Furthermore, dear readers, you'll have more time to read what I write. Doesn't it sound like my summer "'schedule" will benefit you as much as it benefits me?

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  1. It has been a glorious spring for us in Ontario Canada as well, lots of rain, my garden is loving it, today is a good day for gardening because it isn't raining! I was looking up some updates on the Fukushima disaster this morning, huge toxic plume has caused fisheries to close on the west coast....judgment is coming in stages, just as Jesus said it would, but it is a blessing knowing that God is doing it so perhaps some (many?) will still come to Him. Here we do not see such disasters, yet, but I'm praying for the many people all over the world that are suffering and do not know Jesus. Thank you for shining your light in a dark world and not hiding it under a bushel. :)


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