Saturday, June 20, 2015


Do you focus on your blessings, or do you stew in self-pity, figuratively shaking your fist at God for arranging circumstances differently than you'd like? All too often, I fall into the second category.

My grumbling and self-pity, besides being incredibly unattractive to others, demonstrates my ingratitude toward my Savior. The Lord, while He certainly doesn't cater to my every  desire, has given me so much! When I consider the severity of my disability and then think about all He has given me in spite of my physical limitations, I have to wonder why I feel sorry for myself. Shame on me!

My spoiled-child attitude thankfully stands forgiven because of Christ's shed blood. By His grace, I can confess it as sin and repent by taking joy in all the wonderful things He's done. Even better, I can joyfully anticipate that glorious Day when He establishes His eternal kingdom, at last emancipating me from my preoccupation with myself so I can wholeheartedly worship Him.

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