Monday, June 29, 2015

Baseball On The Same Coast

My sister loves baseball! Being from San Francisco, of course she roots for the Giants. During last October's World Series (which her Giants won) John and I called her while a game was on TV. In essence, we watched two innings "together" despite being on opposite sides of the country.

In December, she told us that, as our Christmas/birthday gift to her, she wanted us to take her to a game at Fenway. SURE! We had absolutely no problem filling that request!

Quite appropriately, she dressed in Giants gear and I dressed in Red Sox gear.
We crawled through the caverns of Fenway, encountering Wally, the Green Monstah. Even though John took two pictures of me and Wally, my sister liked the one that least flattered me:

Finally, we both  cozied up to Wally.
John got really great seats on right field, which delighted my sister. We could see the entire field quite easily!
I immediately looked for (and found) the Red Seat, where Ted Williams sent the ball when he made the longest home run in history on June 9, 1946. Several fans wanted to pose with it, so John couldn't get a picture of it alone. Still, he got a great  shot:
Of course, we really needed a photo of all three of us:
The Red Sox lost (so what else is new, right?), but we all had a wonderful time. My sister stayed until yesterday, enjoying lunch with John's mom Friday, The Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum Saturday and meeting our friends at church Sunday. The activity wore me out, but I can't wait for her next visit!

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