Friday, May 29, 2015

For Whom?

The arrangement of words fascinates me. I love writing complex sentences, even though today's fast-paced and semi-illiterate culture generally prefers small, staccato ones that require less chewing and digestion, because they capture so much thought within their woven patterns. And I like the power of brevity. Sometimes, I like writing simply because I wonder at the way my fumbling words end up actually making something that people enjoy reading.

As you can see, the act of writing carries narcissism with it. I think most writers, if they're honest, have to admit to feelings of ego-gratification as they use words, grammar and punctuation to formulate their thoughts, ideas and emotions. Maybe charity should persuade me to assume other writers write from more altruistic motives than I do, but I lack such charity because  Scripture says too much about the human bent toward self-flattery.

Yet the Lord, being gracious, redeems my tainted motivations for writing by allowing me to write about Him. My ego may continue to linger, necessitating that I confess my pride and vanity, but the Lord displaces it by blessing me with a desire to honor Him. I find myself praying that my readers will notice Christ, rather than me, as I use words to highlight His glories. When all is said and typed, after all, He will return to establish His kingdom, where we will finally worship only Him.

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