Friday, April 17, 2015

The Wonderful Lethargy Of Spring Fever

All the blogging I did in March depleted me so completely that I just wanted a break. Did I need a break? Really, I'm not sure. Perhaps taking some sort of sabbath from it each week would do me good.

John and I did have a real play-day in Boston Monday, going to the Museum of Fine Arts and then lunch at Quincy Market. I planned to blog about it Tuesday, and then decided chronicling the whole Adventure simply seemed too overwhelming--particularly since the exhibit we specifically went to see  disappointed us.
Time Capsule that Paul Revere and Sam Adams buried in the State House
We enjoyed being in Boston apart from visiting one of John's doctors, to be sure, and we thoroughly delighted in seeing the wonderfully familiar places and faces that this insufferable winter had kept from us. We'd had two other brief visits to Boston this month (both connected with medical appointments), but honestly, none of our three trips inspired me to write.

Sadly, I find myself also floundering when it comes to writing about the Lord. I have beginnings of ideas, so I don't need suggestions for topics. I simply don't want to do the hard work of research and the heavy lifting of developing the ideas I already have.

Call it Spring Fever. You know I'll eventually find myself on some tirade against false teaching or excited rapture about something I've read in God's Word. These vacations from blogging never seem to last long...probably because I so enjoy spouting my thoughts and opinions all over the Internet! But for now let me have my Spring Fever. And pray for me to come back with a better blog than ever.

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