Saturday, April 25, 2015

An Excuse For Writer's Block

My current writer's block has nothing to do with a lack of subject matter. As a matter of fact, I just deleted a nicely written paragraph-and-a-half about my first-hand experience with the Church Growth Movement that could have easily launched a compelling series on the topic. It could have also hurt people that I  still hold dear.

Taking stands for the truth has cost me friendships. That will happen again. I agree with those who charge that doctrine divides. Indeed, Jesus brought violent division to First Century Jews to such an extent that many  of His followers suffered persecution and death at the hands of those who believed themselves to be devoted followers of the one true God. He said, quite explicitly, that He would cause division to the degree that people would equate persecuting His disciples with serving God (see John 16:1-4).

So I don't want to bury truth simply to keep myself  comfortable. But neither do I want to speak truth in a malicious manner. People I love are caught in churches that promote Church Growth strategies, and many of them are genuine Christians. I don't mind angering false converts (especially those who prefer deception over truth), but the Lord would have me be patient with those who know Him truly (Galatians 6:1-3). I also have belonged to churches that promoted error, and I remember how gently and gradually the Lord corrected me.

I definitely have a good deal to say about the Church Growth Movement. And you'd be right in assuming that much of what I want to say fails to be complimentary. But in faithfulness to the Lord, I want to make sure that I write with an attitude that reflects both His anger towards sin and His love towards those who sin unintentionally. Until I can figure out how to write with that careful balance, remaining faithful to Him in all respects, I think it best not to directly address the topic. May God guide me as I study and pray.

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  1. Well said DebbieLynne. I too have been very vocal in speaking out against things that I know to be wrong, sinful, but my hubby pointed out to me the very thing you say in this post. When it is God's time He will set all that needs straightening in proper order. In the meantime let us await Him in faithful anticipation of that blessed day.


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