Monday, March 30, 2015

House Arrest Ends

Tomorrow, we plan to meet John's mom at The Cheesecake Factory, and Thursday John has a CT scan in preparation for an appointment with his oncologist next Monday. As April progresses, we have other necessary appointments, plus a date with another couple at the Museum of Fine Arts. We look forward to some Boston Adventures this spring, summer and fall, as God permits, and eagerly anticipate taking my sister to a Red Sox game at Fenway in June.

I've gotten used to writing daily blog posts. This winter (which kept us away from church for a total of 18 Sundays as well as keeping us housebound in general) ensured that I had plenty of time to write, so I took full advantage of our "house arrest" to develop this blog. I hope the Lord has brought people closer to Himself through my daily missives. He has definitely used the discipline to keep me focused on His Word!

Rest assured that I have no intention of hanging up my blog. But spring seems to have arrived...we hope. And its belated arrival plunges us into activity (both desirable and undesirable) that separates me from my keyboard. After three months of blogging almost daily, it will seem strange to skip days. But I'll get used to it!

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  1. Enjoy DebbieLynne, I'm looking forward to spring, summer, etc, as well :)


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