Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Gulping In Writing

Good writers draw on two things: experience and passion. That being the case, I avoid writing about the metric system, knitting techniques, Bible prophesy or my life with Cerebral Palsy. Even when I have experience in an area (such as my life with Cerebral Palsy), I may lack interest in the topic (such as my life with Cerebral Palsy).

Sister Nicholas once said that heightened emotion, like anger or romance, often leads people to use language with greater eloquence. But when I participate in an intense  conversation, I generally don't step back far enough to evaluate how anyone uses vocabulary or syntax.

My blog posts Saturday and yesterday, however, reminded me of Sister Nicholas' remark. In both cases, I wrote from experience, but I also had emotional investments in the subject matters. The power in these two pieces caused me to reflect a bit about my blog, as well as my writing in general.

I have never been one of those people who writes because they can't live without writing.Yes, I know about all the characters (Jo March, Anne Shirley, Emily Byrd Starr and Laura Ingalls Wilder) who couldn't live without writing. Believe me, I feel properly guilty that I lack their compulsion to capture everything I hear, feel, see and think into words. Alas, I can live comfortably without writing.

That said, I enjoy the craft well enough to be good at it, and I consider it as my primary means of serving the Lord. Which, in turn, brings me to the passion that fuels most of what I write. Even though I  could happily live without writing for its own sake, I can't live without writing about Him and about the value of His Word. Occasionally,  certainly, I'll enjoy writing about childhood memories or excursions into Boston (and I see nothing wrong in those diversions once in a while).  But mostly, my passion leads me back to Christ and His teaching.

All generations have endured assaults on God's Word, attempts to distort the character of God, and a denial of humanity's fallen condition, so my concerns about the 21st Century evangelical subculture hardly amount to addressing new problems. Yet the fact that these problems accelerate in our time, coupled with the fact that I've been active in churches which have entertained theologies that erode doctrinal purity, weighs so heavily on my heart that I absolutely must write about them. Writing about them allows me to gulp for fresh air.

The Gospel, as it identifies man's fallen nature and the Lord's gracious plan of redemption for those who believe, provides refreshment that answers to the putrid apostasy of our present age. So yes, I will write about Christ, and His victory over sin. I will confront distortions to His Scripture and trends that chafe against sound doctrine. And I will praise Him for giving me the ability to write passionately about the Gospel that changed my life.

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