Saturday, February 7, 2015

The Challenge I Face In Bloggiing

As a woman blogger, I walk a very fine line. God's Word clearly prohibits women from teaching and having authority over men in the context of the church (1 Timothy 2:11-14), putting me in an awkward position as I write about God's Word. I know men read this  blog, so I want to be careful, as I examine Scripture, not to cross the line into disobedience.

I do believe that women can, and should, talk about the things the Holy Spirit shows us as we study His Word. But in doing so, we must avoid establishing ourselves as teachers (unless we know with certainty that only women make up our audience). Therefore, I tend to refer to myself in blog posts by writing about my personal application of the Scriptures I discuss. Sometimes I slip into "teaching mode," which disturbs me because doing so violates God's clear command, but I pray that I manage to pull back when that happens.

This concern arose in response to an introductory  comment in the Do Not Be Surprised blog earlier this week. Erin wrote, "If ever this blog were to become about me​, I would have to shut it down," meaning that she wants her blog to focus completely on the Lord Jesus Christ and His pure doctrine than on her. She's made similar comments at other times, and I admire her commitment to exalt Him. She sets a wonderful  example.

Erin, like me, also firmly upholds 1 Timothy 2:11-14. On her radio program, Equipping Eve, she customarily asks men to step out of earshot so she can teach women without fear of also teaching men. Also like me, however, she doesn't confine her blog to a strictly female readership. Perhaps I'd do well to study her blog to understand how she keeps from teaching.

For now, however, I intend to solve the dilemma by apologetically inserting myself into my posts, keeping a personal tone that prevents me from establishing myself in a teaching role. I may be taking the wrong approach. If so, I trust my Heavenly Father to correct me. After all, I write this blog, with all its imperfections, to honor Him.

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  1. I agree that women are not to have authority over men and not to be put in positions of leadership such as pastors (and dare I say political leadership as well such as prime ministers and presidents) and I personally believe (I may be completely wrong) that it protects women from having such power pollute them and further endanger "the weaker sex" which is the order He has established. I agree that there is a line that should not be crossed, and then I also remember situations given in scripture such as when Pricilla and Aquilla taught Apollo the more correct way. When I think on Jesus life and ministry there was nothing cookiecutter about it, He never followed a routine in how He approached and ministered to people. God was even able to use a donkey when it suited His purpose...and that is the factor I believe, that makes the difference. We women are most vulnerable to vanity, I believe, and to wield dominance over men in our vanity, and then being forgetful of the woman's role in the fall of mankind by the force of her manipulative powers of persuasion is the danger that the Lord is against. It is only by His power and His might, not by anyone's ability to manipulate or persuade, and all is for His glory, not our own. Amen, DebbieLynne, you nailed it.


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