Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Okay--I'll Grovel!

If you aren't already watching or listening to the Pyromaniacs Conference, Sufficient Fire, you really should be! Dan Phillips, Phil Johnson and Frank Turk, bloggers for Pyromaniacs, assembled last month at Copperfield Bible Church (where Dan pastors) to present this two-day conference on the Sufficiency of Scripture.
Image courtesy of TeamPyro
Long-time readers of my blog, unless they have severe comprehension problems, know that I treasure the doctrine that Christians need nothing to supplement the Bible. I critique various trends and teachers within the professing church precisely because these trends and teachers threaten either the authority or the sufficiency of God's Word. Most of the time, I make a less-than-adequate case.

Team Pyro, being far more studied in Biblical theology than I'll ever be, thankfully makes up for my shortcomings with this conference. Yes, I know we all lead busy lives, but I urge you to watch these videos, listen to the audios or download the podcasts to play during your commute. This topic deserves attention. I beg you not to ignore this crucially important conference.

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  1. Phil Johnson is one of my favourite preachers, plus he has a great Spurgeon website (another one of my favourites) :)


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