Wednesday, February 25, 2015

I'm Not Having Fun

"Mom...I'm bored!"

Trying to keep a straight face, my mother would suggest cleaning  my room. That task, besides being completely disagreeable, would have consumed several hours that I wanted to invest in more pleasurable pursuits.

Lately, I approach blogging with a similar, though more subtle, attitude. I have plenty of topics at my disposal, all of which need to be discussed, but all of which I consider distasteful for various reasons. I'd simply prefer to spend my time on other things. In short, I don't want to do the hard work of examining topics through the uncompromising grid of Scripture.

Yet I know that, even though the circulation of my blog is relatively modest, God has entrusted me with writing ability and a  concern to address certain problems in the professing church. As a result, He holds me responsible to use my ability, as well as my concern, for His purposes (Matthew 25:29).

In keeping with my conviction that the Lord holds me accountable to blog about matters that I strongly believe threaten the integrity of the professing church, I feel the need to voice my views regarding Christian psychology. I'd rather avoid this topic, since several people I know either hold degrees in psychology or receive "Christian" psychological counseling. Writing on this subject risks at least one friendship. Probably more.

I don't suffer from writer's block; I suffer from the fear of man. So I need to act like a grown woman, write what I believe aligns with God's Word and trust the Lord with any fall-out that may occur. Ultimately, He calls  me to please Him, not myself.

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