Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Bringing 1629 Into Now

Several months ago, our pastor announced on Facebook that he intended to pray for revival (meaning a return to Christ and to His Word) in New England, asking who would join him in praying toward that end. As I recall, I made a comment that he could count  me in. I meant it sincerely.

Years ago, I visited Plimouth Plantation, where the characters of the original Mayflower settlers affirmed their Biblical convictions. The actors portraying them did such a convincing job that I honestly felt as if I enjoyed actual Christian fellowship with them! (That fantasy came to a screeching halt when I asked one of the children if she knew Jesus loved her and the "mother" hastily whisked her away.) I came home marveling at the strong Christian faith that founded New England. I also came away sad, and quite bewildered, by the lack of Biblical Christianity in present-day New England. Consequently, I very much agree that this part of the country  desperately needs to turn back to its spiritual roots.

To my shame, I didn't put revival on my prayer list until today. I kept meaning to do so, and occasionally I'd mention it to the Lord, but I seriously lacked the commitment of praying regularly for God to restore our region to the faith of those early believers. Thankfully, I serve a patient Savior Who kept reminding me of the spiritual poverty in this area!

As I pray, I will ask the Holy Spirit to begin revival by reviving me. I know He has stirred my passion for Him considerably in the past eight months, and in the past few weeks I've developed a deeper excitement  about my daily Bible reading. But what if the Holy Spirit needs me to fix even more of my attention on Christ? These recent snowstorms, because they threaten me with the possibility of being without PCA help, certainly expose my lack of faith in Him as well as my preoccupation with my own comfort and convenience. Plainly, He needs to consume my thoughts and affections much more than He does.

Perhaps you also live in an area that has turned away from the Lord and His Word. Would you begin praying for revival? Time is growing short, and the Lord needs us to accept His cleansing and then proclaim His Gospel to a world that has thumbed its  nose at Him. Don't make my mistake of procrastination; put it on your prayer list today.

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  1. True revival begins with being deeply sorrowful over the sins all around and in ourselves, I see that of you DebbieLynne, but I don't see it anywhere else


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