Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Penguin's Message

I drew this little guy in Painshop Pro X5 a week or so ago because I need him for a birthday card. Paintshop Pro is, by far, the most comfortable of the three digital art  programs on my current computer, and I believe I've decided that I'll use it as my default program from here on out. I like its wide array of effects features; from what I can tell, it offers more of them than CorelDRAW, and certainly more than Painter Lite (which I deeply regret purchasing).

I didn't produce much digital art in 2014 because CorelDRAW 2014 Home And Student overwhelmed me (it still does). Since I spent a lot of money to download CorelDRAW, however, I placed myself under an obligation both to learn it and to make it my primary program. I successfully taught myself a few techniques, but I knew I needed more detailed instruction.

About this time last year, therefore, I bought David Bouton's CorelDRAW X6: The Official Guide. CorelDRAW 2014 Home And Student is the no-frills version of CorelDRAW X6, so the book corresponds to my software for the most part. Obviously, my version lacks some bells and whistles of the full version, so I don't get bent out of shape when one of Bouton's tutorials asks me to do something beyond the scope of my version. But for the past three or four months I've been trying to do a tutorial, only to find that my software sometimes cooperates and other times rebels. Naturally, such capricious behavior discourages and frustrates me, resulting in my reluctance to work through the book.

So I pretty much failed to do much art at all.

This year, by God's grace, I hope to be more productive. I still want to use CorelDRAW (it does some things that I like quite a  bit), but I now realize that, until I learn more about CorelDRAW, I have the liberty to enjoy Paintshop Pro. And creating my little penguin reminded me that digital art can--and should--be fun!

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  1. :)

    I do agree the Lord wants us to enjoy the life He gives us and when we truly thank Him and live in such a truly appreciative way, don't you find that life is satisfying and gratifying to the maximum?


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