Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Pictures Of A Storm

Thankfully, one of my PCAs has been staying with us during the blizzard, and so far we've had power. This morning John took some photos from our building's Community Room as well as from our living room. I thought I'd share them.
 John doesn't like the screen in this photo, but I think it creates an interesting effect.
They had just snow-blowered (is that a word?) the walk-way behind our building, and already the snow had covered it again!
 Doesn't really show the snow, but it's a great shot in terms of composition.
The wind blew so hard and the snow was so fine and dry that it didn't stick much to the trees. The snow's dryness minimized power outages, praise God.

1 comment:

  1. Wow! Many praises to God for the many blessings:

    1. no power outage
    2. great PCA assistance
    3. warm home in the midst of the storm
    4. that the storm didn't get as bad as they feared
    5. beautiful pictures to share :)

    along with the other many blessings that go with being a child of the King!

    Hugs to you and John from Canada :)


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