Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Cozy Girl Talk Witth Beth And Joyce--Part I

On August 13, 2014, Beth Moore joined Joyce Meyer to tape a segment for Meyer's Enjoying Life Every Day television broadcast. I'll grudgingly resist the urge to make jokes about the fact that the show aired on October 31, assuming it was sheer coincidence. Ahem! Yes, well anyway, I've decided not to link to the video because 1) I don't want to appear to endorse either woman and 2) you have better things to do with your time.

During their oh-so-cozy little girl talk on working through disagreements while preserving "unity," Moore and Meyer clucked about how they had learned to let God fix their poor broken husbands. As I watched that segment, I wondered if their husbands felt disrespected. I hope I never talk about any differences I have with John the way they talked about their husbands.  That part of the conversation made me feel both embarrassed and sad.

The second half of the program moved into the topic of unity within the Body of Christ. Regretfully (but predictably), the "unity" Moore and Meyer advocated wasn't the unity around doctrine that the apostle Paul advocated in Ephesians 4:11-17, but rather a unity despite doctrine.

That unbiblical view of "unity" doesn't surprise me, but it certainly confirms that neither of these women teaches Scripture correctly. The  Bible, in too many places for me to cite here, insists on right doctrine. Almost all of the  New Testament epistles, as a matter of fact, specifically address doctrinal error, often calling out false teachers and demanding that they leave the churches.

Moore lamented: "The witness of our disunity is deplorable. Throw down those denominational lines. It is insulting to Christ to be separate. ... We love the same Jesus. We love the same scriptures. ... Even if we did not have that in common, if we could say our salvation is found in Christ if He died and rose again and how to be saved and Jesus sits at right hand of God, then that is my sister, my brother.” “I would serve anywhere and anybody even if they didn’t have close to the same belief system.”

Sorry, Ms. Moore, but such thinking doesn't really hold water. The Jesus of the Roman Catholic Church, for instance, sacrifices himself every time Catholics take the Eucharist, and Charismatics view Scripture as only one way that God speaks. Many people profess faith in the death and resurrection of Jesus without knowing how or why they effect salvation. In fact, Joyce Meyers teaches that Jesus paid for our sins in hell, not on the cross. Such doctrines matter!

I've just begun to introduce the problems of Beth Moore's appearance with Joyce Meyer. Tomorrow, I hope to go a little deeper into the matter, exploring Moore's unqualified endorsement of Meyer. If all goes according to plan, Friday I will discuss why Moore's endorsement of Meyer reflects so badly on her own credibility. I pray that my posts will encourage proper unity around sound doctrine so that women can gain discernment that leads to maturity.

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  1. [the "unity" Moore and Meyer advocated wasn't the unity around doctrine that the apostle Paul advocated in Ephesians 4:11-17, but rather a unity despite doctrine]
    that right there is a major plague in the thinking/understanding of the professing church! Great summary.


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