Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A Lengthy Explanation Of A Panda Drawing

My sister lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, and follows the Giants with the sort of ardent devotion I hope I have for the Lord. During one of the World Series  games this past October, we called her and enjoyed watching the game "together." Of course, she knew all the players and their back-stories, so she educated us as the game progressed. I don't think I've ever enjoyed a baseball game as much!

She introduced us to Pablo Sandoval, an  oddly overweight player who quite amused me when he ran bases. After Sandoval jumped over a tag-catcher to score a run in a 2008 game against the Los Angeles Dodgers, one of his teammates nicknamed him the Kung Fu Panda. Watching the World Series game with my sister this past October, I got a kick out of all the orange and black pandas that Giants fans rabidly waved in the stands.

Once the Giants won the heart-stopping final game of the World Series a couple nights later, Sandoval didn't waste a second as a free-agent. To my delight, he signed a four-year contract with my  beloved Boston Red Sox! The signing, in and of itself, made me deliriously happy. But even better: my sister will come out this spring or summer to attend a game at Fenway with me and John!

In anticipation of the game, I've drawn this cute  little guy:

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