Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Time To Simply Enjoy

What does one blog about on Christmas Eve? Especially when all the other Christian bloggers devote their posts to various Christmas themes to such an extent that I decide not to click the links. I love reading about the Incarnation, certainly, but a point comes when I just need to stop reading and start digesting what I've already read. I imagine that, if I feel this way, my readers probably have similar feelings.

So let's simply celebrate today and tomorrow. I saw a  different aspect to the Incarnation during my Quiet Time this morning, but I can write about it Friday. Today, I just want to bask in the wonder of God  coming as a Newborn as I exchange gifts with my in-laws. I praise Him for His first coming, and look forward to His return. And I pray, dear readers, that He will bless your Christmas as you celebrate.
Merry Christmas from me and John

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