Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Reasons To Avoid The Topic Of Yoga

We'll get back to examining yoga later this week. Christians need a good understanding of its nature and qualities because it now makes subtle inroads into churches that claim adherence to the Bible. So, even though I know quite well that people will disagree with my opposition to this practice (just as they disagree with my opposition to other trends that threaten doctrinal purity), I believe I must speak out against it.
Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them. ~~Ephesians 5:11 (ESV)
If you want to know the truth, writing about yoga exhausts me physically and emotionally, mostly  because I sense the importance of documenting my findings. Yesterday, I experienced some bizarre computer glitches as I tried to cut-and-paste the quote from The Guardian article--it took at least 20 minutes. Spiritual warfare? I really wouldn't be surprised.

Three or four years ago, I had a nice folder on yoga in my Firefox bookmarks. This morning I realized that, when I got a new computer two years ago, that folder went bye-bye. Consequently, I'll need to look for the articles all over again. I can find them, rest assured, but doing so means a few hours of work that I hadn't anticipated.

Then there's a comment from a friend that, instead of looking for a devil  in every  corner, I should concentrate on God's goodness. In part, she has a point. Certainly, I desire to glorify Him through my writing, and an over-emphasis on the problems plaguing the 21st Century church could distract people from Him. Having recognized that potential distraction, however, I don't want to commit the opposite error of ignoring false teaching that will lull people into a different gospel. How could keeping quiet when I see professing brothers and sisters in Christ contaminate the Gospel with Hinduism possibly reflect His goodness?

I can find many "reasons" to avoid writing about yoga (or Beth Moore) (or Gay Christians) (or any of the other aberrations I  see the evangelical culture embracing). But the Lord has given me a passion for His purity, and that passion demands that I stand for truth by refuting error. Yes, I pray that He will help me glorify Him as I tackle the subject of yoga by demonstrating how He alone is truth. But I also pray for courage and stamina to say what needs saying, even when people dislike it.

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  1. In yoga as in all worldly things the focus is self...unifying self with something, and even if a person wants to believe the something they are working on unifying with is Jesus, that focus is still on self working...that isn't the same as the Holy Spirit at work in a person, quite the opposite.

    Lately I have been studying more and saying less, but this comment won't reflect that. The comment from the person that said to focus on the positive....it's something like that...sort of. My husband chastised me for trying to change the way other people think when it is only the Lord who does so, and that is true, I cannot change the way others think, not even you, DebbieLynne, not that I think I need to...I'm watching what people are saying more, praying more, and watching and waiting to see what the Lord is going to do...we are about to be judged on earth and many won't be ready, sadly, however the Lord knows what He is doing, and the seeds He has planted through you and I and others won't go to waste. Love you.


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