Sunday, December 21, 2014

More Than Wheelchair Dancing In The Driveway

Early in my walk with the Lord, the theology packed into Christmas carols--the very carols I'd sung every December without really understanding--surprised and fascinated me. I'd never noticed, until the Holy Spirit regenerated me, how boldly and joyously these familiar carols proclaimed the doctrine of the Incarnation.

After my first Christmas as a born-again believer, I'd often relish the theological truths of these carols at odd times of the year, usually when I'd wait in the driveway for my friend who came to help  me write my homework (I was still in high school). I can remember singing loudly to the hills as I spun and wove my power wheelchair around, as if to imitate a figure  skater. The words  gave praise to the Lord as they drew my attention to His  deity encased in humanity.

One Christmas hymn in particular grabbed my imagination as I twirled and serenaded those gentle California hills. It exploded with such rich doctrinal nuggets that, 43 years later, it continues to surprise me with glimpses of Scriptural teaching. I've disciplined myself this year to save it until this last Sunday before Christmas, having been taught to save the best for last. My prayer is that you'll listen with a fresh appreciation for what it shows about Christ.

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  1. Brings to mind that the Lord perfected His praises to Him through His children so that the world can catch a glimpse of that true Light shining in this dark world!


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