Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Eavesdropping On My Readers

If my regular readers could converse among themselves about my two-day absence from this blog, the discussion might go as follows:

"What happened to DebbieLynne's usual Sunday hymn?"

"I would have thought she would have at least posted something Monday to explain herself. She has such a strong sense of accountability, you know."


"Last time something happened to prevent her from typing, she dictated a post to her husband."

"Wasn't that when she caught her arm in the door at Wendy's?"

"Well, if she had done that again, surely she would have dictated another post to John...if only to poke fun at herself."

"Or to garner sympathy."

"DebbieLynne wouldn't do that!"

"You must be a new reader. If you'll go back through the archives, you'll find several self-pitying posts. Remember the incident with the security guard at Quincy Market? She milked that one for days!"

"Yeah...but I think the Lord brought her to repentance on that score. Lately she seems less focused on herself and more focused on Him."

"Not that I particularly liked her Sunday hymns. Kinda boring."

"I agree. I like contemporary praise music myself."

"But DebbieLynne has made a valid point about the theological value of hymns. She's been trying to make us think about what we sing. So it's strange that, on the last Sunday of the year, she didn't post one."

"And even stranger that she didn't post Monday."

"I hope she's okay..."

Rest assured, dear readers--I'm fine. Yes, I spent Sunday mostly in bed with a sinus headache bad enough to make  me sick to my stomach. Yesterday I managed to type two short Tweets, a Status Update on Facebook, a few Facebook comments, and some Bible Study notes. But I couldn't have managed a blog post.

Anyway, the thought of writing the tongue-in-cheek dialogue that you've just read kept me from feeling guilty about my involuntary neglect of my blog. Hopefully, you found it entertaining.

As for my Sunday hymn, I admit to feeling disappointed that I couldn't post it. It would have gracefully ended my 14-month practice. You see, my stats show, all to clearly, that my readers continue to have little interest in hymns.  Although this disinterest saddens me, I realize that the Lord must convince each of  you individually that the music we use in worship must convey good doctrine. I'll write more posts about that matter in future posts, but I have grown tired of my subtle approach.

So, let's get this blog moving again! We'll see what happens with Sundays, but I trust the Lord to give me some creative way to honor the Sabbath. For now, however, I need to rest. Remember,  I'm still recovering.

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  1. I've found that the Sunday hymns I post also do not generate high traffic, but each time I consider stopping them, I receive a note from someone telling me how much they enjoy those hymns every week. So even if only one person is blessed, it is worth it. Post them to offer the praise to God, and if your readers want to join in, that's just gravy. :-)


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