Sunday, December 14, 2014

But I Adore ALL Babies...

Like most people from the Boomer generation, I've sung O  Come, All Ye Faithful since childhood. But until Christ's Holy Spirit put new life in me, the concept of adoring Christ seemed peculiar to me. True, all babies are adorable. I just couldn't figure out why the carol urged "the faithful" (whoever they were) to adore Baby Jesus.

Now, as a Christian, I understand.

At Christmas, all who enjoy God's grace which enables us to be faithful to Him turn our thoughts to Bethlehem, adoring the Word Who became flesh. While others rejoice in the outward festivities of the season with us, our joy goes so much deeper! We wonder at the idea of God coming as a baby, born of a virgin, so that He might live a sinless life and   shed His innocent  blood to atone for our sins.

Yes, we join all the citizens of heaven in adoring Christ the  Lord, confident that He deserves all glory. He has risen from the dead, and given us new life that  causes us to triumph over sin! Of course we adore Him!

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