Sunday, November 23, 2014

More Imporant Than The Marvelous Array Of Desserts

This coming Thursday, approximately 44 of us will converge on the home of John's cousin, which has been remodeled (twice!) to accommodate the growing clan each Thanksgiving. We joke that when this cousin bought the house from their grandparents, the fine print specified that they continue to host Thanksgiving.

We anticipate juicy turkeys, vegetables, sparkling cider (I'd better remember to have my PCA get that tomorrow) and a magnificent array of various desserts. We will enjoy the cousins' grandchildren, wishing they wouldn't grow quite so fast, and we may hear stories from all those wonderful summers when John, his two sisters, six cousins and two moms stayed with Grand and Nana on Cape Cod.

Did I mention the magnificent array of desserts?

Thanksgiving serves as a pinnacle celebration for this family that I joined by marrying John. But in all the fun (and magnificent array of desserts), John and I turn our thoughts to the Lord. He is the object of our thanksgiving, and not only on the fourth Thursday of November. The traditional Thanksgiving hymn I've chosen today reminds me to keep the Lord central as we celebrate the holiday.

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