Friday, November 14, 2014

Emergencies And Faithfulness

Dear husband John spent yesterday in Massachusetts General Hospital's Emergency Room, this time with extremely high blood pressure. As much as I'd like to go into detail about everything that led up to yesterday's event, however, I don't believe doing so fits the purposes of this blog. Anyway, after spending all day yesterday on the phone, writing emails and updating my Facebook Status about his condition, I just don't feel like writing any more narratives about it.

I do, however, want to boast in the Lord's faithfulness to me. A lady from our new church came and sat with me. I made a new friend! How do you not love that? Then the PCA that we hired just the night before came early and cleaned the apartment after feeding me lunch. When John got home, she prepared dinner for the three of us and put me to bed.

Friends both in our new church and the church we recently left surrounded us in prayer, as did other friends on Facebook. The whole episode reminded me of how many people genuinely love us. I don't want to go through this sort of thing again, but the practical and spiritual support I received reminded me that the Lord does provide for me. If nothing else, I want my readers to see His hand in this ordeal.

Well, I'm almost as exhausted as my poor husband is, so I want to close. Keep John in prayer as he waits for his follow-up appointment with his primary care doctor Tuesday, as I prefer that he stay out of the Emergency Room between now and then. I'll return, Lord willing, to more typical blogging tomorrow.

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