Friday, November 7, 2014

A Head Full Of Ruminations, Not Necessarily "Housewifey"

Earlier today, I found myself thinking that I should "lighten up" and just compose a fun blog post. Actually, I will spit such posts out from time to time. Like anyone else, I enjoy a good laugh, and I love writing about our Boston Adventures. Also, I like writing simply for the sake of manipulating words into sentences and paragraphs that give form to some of the thoughts that constantly rumble through my head. And finally, I don't like limitations (perhaps because of my Cerebral Palsy), so I've purposefully set this blog up so that it can cover a broad spectrum.

The last few weeks have been intense, in terms of both my blogging and my personal life. I think (and sincerely hope) this roller-coaster ride with my Personal Care Attendant situation is drawing to a close, although 37 years of experience has taught me that this ride always has nasty little surprises. Even if the ride really has slowed down, however, it has left me physically and emotionally exhausted. As a result, I don't feel like tackling any theological topics today.

Today, in fact, I feel like changing the whole direction of my blog. To what? I don't know. But I long to do one of those typical "housewifey" blogs where I do little more than ruminate on my feelings...sort of like I'm doing now. Wouldn't that be fun?

What I feel like doing, however, reminds me of Jesus' Parable of the Talents, which appears in Matthew 25:14-30. And please...this parable has absolute nothing to do with my "talent" for writing. In the parable's context, a "talent" referred to a unit of money, making the point that the master entrusted his servants to invest the currency in a way that would yield a return. For him, not for them.

So, while I may occasionally write about Boston, childhood memories or my digital art projects, I remain mindful that the Lord has entrusted me with an ability to write about Him. He has also given me a passion to uphold Biblical truth. In response, I gravitate to writing the difficult posts, even when I don't especially feel like doing the research or thinking through the points.

Ultimately, this blog must exalt the Lord Jesus Christ rather than showcase my writing and digital art. When I do insert narratives about Fenway Park, cannolis that I eat even though I shouldn't or my experiments with CorelDRAW, I hope even those posts reflect the Lord's grace and truth. "Housewifey" blogs have their place, but the Lord has fashioned me to write on a different level. I want to invest my talent wisely.

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