Sunday, September 21, 2014

Never Too Young

The Lord saved me when I was 17 and far more innocent than  I considered myself to be. Yet I wished, and still wish, He'd saved me at an even earlier age. My friends who grew up in Christian homes and experienced genuine conversions at tender ages have a touching purity about them.

But even they came to Christ painfully aware that they had sinned. They knew that, despite their purity in comparison to most people, God could see the rebellion in their little hearts. These children, just like people who have become Christians later in life, had to trust completely in the shed blood of Jesus to atone for their sin.

The hymn I've chosen to feature today joyously confesses that we can come to God only by standing on the solid rock of Jesus Christ. The lyrics convey powerful theology. That power only increases, at least in my opinion, by the sweet child's  voice in this rendition.

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