Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The View! The Feast! The Marriage!

To formally celebrate our twelfth anniversary, John and I dressed up yesterday and headed toward the Prudential Tower. We'd made a lunch reservation at The Top Of The Hub on the 52nd  floor, and got a table with a romantic view encompassing (among other things) the Zakim Bridge, Beacon Street and the State House, Boston Common and Logan Airport.
You may want to  download that photo, pull it into a photo editor and view it at 100%. Use your pan tool to move it around.  I apologize that the Zakim Bridge wasn't in John's vision range, but I enjoyed looking at it!

For lunch, we shared the George's Bank Haddock "Rockefeller," which John insists surpasses any fish meal he's ever had. He loves fish, making his praise of the meal quite significant. I very much enjoyed the blend of flavors and textures myself.
We struggled to decide between the Boston Cream Pie and the Cherry Cheesecake for dessert, so John ordered both. (Not healthy, I know, but oh!--so yummy.)
Can you see the Boston skyline around the side of the Boston Cream Pie? I love details like that.

We had, in short, a glorious anniversary celebration, enjoying the city and (more importantly) each other. We can't afford The Top Of The Hub ordinarily, and don't really mind simple lunches at Quincy Market, B.Good or even Subway. But we have a marriage so special that it warrants celebrations as lavish as yesterday's. I suspect you'll agree.


  1. Happy anniversary to you both! Very nicely done! :)

  2. Oh yummy looking desserts! Happy anniversary, definitely deserving of a feast and celebration!


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