Friday, August 29, 2014

Deb's Grand Slam Celebration Of John's 65th

We had our reasons to celebrate John's 65th birthday a week early, none of which need to take up precious space here. I had, in an effort to win the ficticious Wife Of The Year award, decided to give John a Tour of Fenway Park as his birthday gift this year. So, we caught the Green Line at Park Street. Getting off at Kenmore, we saw the iconic CITCO sign assuring us that we'd almost reached Fenway Park.
When we arrived at Fenway, I wanted a photo of all the American League Championship and World Series pennants.
Ain't that a pretty sight? But, because the Red Sox  broke "The Curse of the Bambino" and have won the World Series three times since I moved to the Greater Boston Area (John credits me for reversing the curse), I also required a photo of "my" pennants.
We missed the 12:00 Tour by mere minutes, which gave us time for an Italian Sausage. At 1:00 our group assembled, and one of the guides determined to take us separately (some silly detail about us needing elevators instead of stairs).

Our  tour started on the Concourse level, with our guide telling  us that Fenway, completed in 1912, holds the title of America's oldest ballpark. I felt a thrill getting my first glimpse of the playing field.
I watched the ground crew cover the infield in preparation for tomorrow night's Tom Petty concert. I couldn't help thinking how enormous a Major League diamond is compared to the wheelchair softball diamond I played on (second baseman) during my senior year of high school. Very exciting!

We joined the group (at least 50 people, I'd estimate) to hear about Tom Yawkey, who purchased the Red Sox in 1933. Okay, I didn't retain as much information as I normally do on Freedom Trail, Literary and Museum of Fine Arts tours...but hey, this was John's tour! I concentrated on admiring the field.
 All those people comprised just under a third of the tour group. People from all over the world come for the hourly tours of Fenway, with  some groups as large as 80 people. Frankly, it troubles and saddens me that more people seem interested in touring a baseball park than in Freedom Trail tours, but I digress...

Next, we took an elevator up to the Green Monster, which serves to protect the car dealership on Lansdowne Street from fly balls (broken windshields make it awfully hard to sell cars, doancha know). The views from up there thoroughly delighted me!
 Look at this:
We reluctantly left the Green Monster, moving  toward the Press  Box. On the way, we  stopped at one more section on the 5th Level, where John photographed a wonderful view of the Boston Skyline.
Our tour concluded in the Press Box, giving us a view of the Red Seat. On June 9, 1946, Ted Williams hit the longest home run to that date, sending the ball to Section 42, Row 37, Seat 21. Look down and left from the Ford sign.
Can't see it? Ha! Guess I'll show off my photo editing skills. Try it now:
I returned home with a very happy husband who can't stop smiling. Something tells me I'd better save up money to take him to a day game next year. After all, I'd like to win that fictitious Wife Of The Year Award two years in a row!

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