Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Work Of This "Housewife Blogger"

Many "housewife bloggers" write primarily about daily experiences, often drawing moral, philosophical or spiritual conclusions from those experiences. In doing so, they comply with the first rule of writing: "Write about what you know." Books like Louisa May Alcott's Little Women and the Anne of Green Gables series by Lucy Maud Montgomery repeat this advice, almost predictably. 

My favorite childhood book,  Emily Climbs (also by Lucy Maud Montgomery), emphasizes the theme of writing from experiences as well. Looking back, perhaps my grandmother gave me that book because I had dictated too many stories to her about things I wanted to do--things my able-bodied friends did--that had no connection to my actual life. At the time, of course, I pretty much ignored the advice. Since I found   my life uninteresting, revolving mostly around leg braces, physical therapy and other children with disabilities, I wanted to write about life without wheelchairs and walkers. Emily Climbs offered the romance I wanted,  but only much later in life did I willing accept its advice to write about what I knew.

Somewhere in my education, I received advice to write about my passions. That eliminates much writing about disability, which still doesn't interest me a great deal. It does, however, steer me toward writing about the erosion of sound doctrine and the consequent increase of sinful behavior currently infiltrating  churches that claim to be Bible-believing. And even though I've experienced much of this spiritual pollution first-hand, I recognize my need to research the matters I propose to address.

Today, I've been reading up on the growing acceptance of premarital sex among young evangelicals, the highly disturbing teachings of Rick Warren, the mysticism of Contemplative Prayer, and Brooke Boon's Holy Yoga. I know enough about these people and practices to have experienced their negative effects on evangelical churches, but I recognize my responsibility to study these issues. I may be a "'housewife blogger," but I  can also work at being a responsible journalist.

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  1. I have also been sensing the need to dig deeper into things that I'd rather not only for the reason to better reach others caught in various spiritual traps. If I went digging there to find "wisdom" it would be a huge waste of time ultimately, but to have a better understanding of how to converse with those who are trapped in it is a noble cause, imo. There is of course the fact that knowing the truth is always the best way to spot a counterfeit, but in recent dialogues with those who claim to be genuinely looking for the truth in all the wrong places, I felt it necessary to better understand where they are at and if there is a possibility that perhaps the Lord can use me to reach some of them by going where I really don't wish to go. I pray for God's protection for us both to have the armour of God covering us because without His protection we like they might also fall.


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