Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Sin Of Questioning Beth Moore

Beth Moore's devoted fans may raise additional questions about Moore's  ministry. For quite some time, I incurred the wrath of a friend who had been "blessed" by Moore's books and Bible Studies. This friend expressed sadness that I'd read (and shared) articles by Moore's critics rather than exposing myself directly to Beth Moore and consequently allowing myself to experience the blessing of her teaching.

So, wanting to be fair, I spent several hours on YouTube, watching videos of Mrs. Moore "minister" to women by twisting Scripture, telling funny stories and making veiled references to abuse she suffered in childhood that somehow validates her ministry now. I love her Southern drawl, to be sure, and couldn't help laughing over some of her stories, but whatever blessing I should have received eluded me. I saw, not a woman skilled in expositing the Bible, but a false teacher who distorted the very Word of God she claimed to revere to fit her "gospel" of self-esteem.

When I'd show my friend instances in which Moore misconstrued Scripture, she'd deflect by calling me a Pharisee. How dare I withhold the "blessing" from people by posting articles on Facebook that question Moore's teaching? (As if my calling Moore's teaching into question had the power to prevent anyone from reading her books or watching her videos!)

When I posted Chris Rosebrough's analysis of Beth Moore's teaching the other day, my friend couldn't contain her anger. I asked her to show me, from Scripture, how Rosebrough's actual analysis of Moore's teaching erred. Rather than offering a reasoned answer with Scripture, she ended our friendship because I "ripped" her "friend."

Losing this friend saddens me, but it also concerns me. Is it really so terrible to hold someone's doctrine up against the plumbline of God's Word? The fact that my friend preferred to end our relationship than to examine Moore's teaching alarms me. If she typifies Beth Moore's followers, than Beth Moore is far more dangerous than I thought.


  1. I am sorry to hear that your friendship was ended. You were much generous in your posts than I would have been. I do not think Beth Moore is a friend of the women she "ministers" to. If you care for people that you are teaching the Bible, you take that seriously and carefully handle it. She seems to prey on women's weak areas & then with great sleight of hand (or is it mouth), she injects her version of truth.

    Praying for you and your friend but just remember "Friends don't let friends sit under false teaching."

  2. A few years ago I thought about 2 Peter 2:7 and how "filthy conversations" vexed "just Lot"...and didn't fully know how this word "vexed" was experienced by Lot. I thought and prayed much about it, to understand this better. These days I understand what it is to be vexed. It irritates me to hear anything that goes against what God has for us, that which brings shame to Him, that which boasts against Him, that which draws people away from Him, as well as "coarse language" but this (using profanity) for me is the least of the problems regarding all of the foolish talk that goes on these days. I find more and more things vexing my soul these days.


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