Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Gay Christians And Adjusted Scripture

Matthew Vines, the Harvard drop-out turned poster boy for the Gay Christian Movement has once again burst into the limelight, this time with his book, God and the Gay Christian. He "examines" the six Biblical passages that  condemn homosexual  practices, claiming that Moses and Paul only intended to prohibit "excesses" like pederasty, temple prostitution and rape. He claims that loving, committed same sex relationships were unknown to the Biblical writers. Consequently, he reasons, Moses and Paul had no idea that the loving relationships that present day Gay Christians enjoy meet with the Lord's approval.

Clearly, young Mr. Vines reads quite a bit into Scripture. Worse, he forgets that the Holy Spirit, Who inspired every word of Scripture, is every bit as much God as the Father and the Son. Being divine, the Holy Spirit obviously would know about today's homosexual relationships, as well as about homosexual orientations. Surely He wouldn't have limited His Word to First Century experience, ignoring all the men  and women throughout history who struggled with same sex attractions.

Vines desires, sincerely, I believe, to be true to Christ. Sadly, his same sex attractions  create a painful conflict between his faith and his romantic/sexual desires. Having thought, for over 40 years, that my Cerebral Palsy excluded me from marriage, I do sympathize with his frustration over the prospect of lifelong  celibacy. Yet I never rationalized the opportunities I had for sexual behavior that Scripture expressly forbids  by reinterpreting God's Word to accommodate my longings. The  Bible unapologetically declares that following the Lord requires dying to self. Yes, such emotional death causes deep pain. But isn't Jesus worth it?

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