Monday, July 7, 2014

Fearing God Reasons Or Not

Saturday I shared probable reasons why the Lord forbids premarital sex...or any sexual behavior outside of heterosexual marriage. Evangelicals who engage in sexual immorality often dismiss  these reasons, arguing that churches should replace abstinence only messages with information about contraception. For these people, even the most reasoned arguments hold no water. Their determination to satisfy their desires shapes their interpretation of God's Word, rather than God's Word  conforming them to His standards.

During my personal Bible reading this morning, I read a Scripture that applies to how we should respond to the Lord's boundaries on sexual  conduct, as well as to every area of life.

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom,
    and the knowledge of the Holy One is insight. ~~Proverbs 9:10 (ESV)

We question, disregard or defiantly disobey the Lord because we neither respect His authority nor know Him enough to appreciate His wisdom and  holiness. Fear, which manifests itself as healthy respect for His authority, understands that He alone has the right to determine how we handle our sexuality. Furthermore, He has no obligation to explain His reasons. Although we can   discern some reasons because He kindly makes  them apparent, we best honor Him by trusting Him enough to obey even if we don't understand.


  1. DebbieLynne, I know you are aware that there is a trend that is gaining speed, I see it as the "Spirit of antichrist"... and a falling away from "the faith of our fathers"...I've been blogging on it a bit, and if you decide to take a look from time to time, I hope that you will take into consideration that I am not as polished a writer as you. I often write it out on an office program before pasting it onto my blog, and then make some alterations which sometimes results in grammatical errors or trains of thought that try to go in several directions at once ending with the reader somewhat confused, and I know that a meticulous writer such as you are might find trying to sort through all that frustrating. I do reread my posts for that reason, later after having posted and try to clean up and correct these when I notice them later.

    What I'm trying (feebly) to say is I admire your writing ability, and hope that if you read my humble efforts, that you give it a few days after I've posted so that it will be less frustrating a read. :)


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