Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Blogs, Self-Pity And Worship

Dealing with personal matters kept me from starting this blog post as early as I'd expected, and as a result I don't believe I can adequately address the topic I had in mind for today. Perhaps that's okay.

A lot is going on in my life. The most predominant matter must remain private right now, even though writing about it would  appear to offer me release. My past of keeping a private journal has taught me, however, that writing about my problems, heartaches and struggles (especially when I know nobody will read it) usually fuels pessimism and self-pity. So neither private journaling nor blogging works for  handling the situation right now. In the future, yes...but not now.

So, dear readers, bear with me, trusting that I'll blog when time and circumstances permit, and that I'll keep my focus on glorifying the Lord and honoring His Word. Not masking my feelings, but directing my will to worship Him no matter what my emotional state. This blog has taught me to minimize  myself in order to place the  spotlight on Jesus...where it belongs.


  1. That's certainly understandable. Will look forward to seeing your entries again when you are able. ~Rebekah


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