Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Real Heart Of Worship

One contemporary praise song claims to come "back to the heart of worship," assuring Jesus that "it's all about You." Ironically, the bulk of the song belabors its writer's supposed penitence  over turning Christian music into an idol instead of extolling the Lord's many wonderful attributes. Makes me scratch my head. All about Jesus? Unless I'm really dense, the song seems to revolve more around Michael W. Smith than around the Lord.

The hymn I've chosen to feature this week truly is all about Jesus, and particularly celebrates Him as both God and Man. No one really knows who wrote this hymn which depicts nature's splendors only to declare them pale when compared  to those of Christ, and his anonymity only enhances the Lord's centrality. This hymn gets to the heart of worship by training our thoughts toward Jesus.

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