Monday, June 23, 2014

Random And Completely Unoriginal

Why does 90 seconds creep by so slowly when I'm waiting to rinse out hair conditioner, but 90 minutes whizzes by when I need to finish a blog post before supper?

Why did God make armpit hair?

Ignoring Scarlett (Alexandria Ripley's  second-rate sequel to Gone With The Wind), did Scarlett get Rhettt back, or did she end up in a miserable marriage to Ashley?

And why on earth did MGM cast Leslie Howard as Ashley when he couldn't overcome his European accent? (Remember Ashley's deep Southern heritage.)

How did I get to be 60?

Would America have eventually become independent from  England if Boston hadn't thrown that tea into Boston Harbor?

What did either Popye or Bluto see in Olive Oil? She had no figure, and even less personality.

Should I even mention that Disney's Snow White, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty instantly fell in love with handsome princes despite knowing absolutely nothing about their character?

Why did God make mosquitoes?

Why do people who believe in evolution fight so hard against climate change? And if they  believe in "survival of the fittest," why do they worry about endangered species?

Why does Hebrews 11 list a hedonistic womanizer like Sampson, who had practically no regard for the Lord, among the heroes of faith?

Now that I've spent 90 minutes typing these ridiculous and generally unoriginal questions, I'll let you go. You probably now wonder why I bothered writing something so silly. Well, it never hurts to ask!


  1. Great questions, and the one about Samson had me pondering deeply...never really thought about that! One that I've been mulling over the past couple of days is the problem of Dinah...remember the sister that was raped by a young man who was crazy in lust so that he couldn't control himself and then promised the brothers he would marry her? Then came an agreement, a mass circumcision, and a slaughter...and the only thing that Jacob worried about was that now his reputation stunk to high heaven amongst his neighbors (the brothers did this because they were concerned about Dinah's reputation)....? But it had me thinking about the fact that I too sometimes put way too much value on my reputation, and that reputations can and do still lead some people to do terrible things even today. Perhaps that is part of the message? If we judge the O.T. heroes critically we can find within ourselves that we really aren't that much different. God have mercy on our souls.

  2. I love these questions! Thanks for sharing them.


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