Monday, June 16, 2014

No More Self-Congratulation

Friday's broadcast on No Compromise Radio outlined the necessary four steps to "giving a testimony" (the Christian lingo for recounting one's conversion experience). Pastor Mike hammered home the point that such testimonies must emphasize the Lord's redemptive work rather than rehashing details of our sin or suggesting that we had any share in our salvation.

The broadcast made me think, with deep regret, of the many times I've shared my testimony with self-congratulatory motives. The emphasis, however, really belongs to the Lord Jesus Christ. Any notion that I, while dead in my sins, could have possibly "accepted Him"  or "given my life to Him" misunderstands the entire concept of salvation. Jesus alone bears the title of Savior.  I did not act as His co-savior.

We need to clarify our theology on His sovereignty in bringing about the new birth, especially because He calls the humble, not the proud, to salvation. Those who believe the lie that they can contribute anything toward their admission to heaven ultimately lose out, failing to grasp the central message that Jesus did everything when He shed His blood to atone for our sin.

Please make certain that you trust entirely in Jesus for salvation. Your obedience to Him should be an indication of His work in you instead of your attempts to secure your place in heaven. When you truly understand His merciful response to your utter helplessness, you will appreciate the miracle of His salvation. And it will be unthinkable to try to share His glory.

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