Tuesday, June 10, 2014

In Tune With A Pensive Gorilla

I suppose I could tell you about yesterday's Boston Adventure to the Franklin Park Zoo, and post some of the photos John took. He did get some great pictures of the black swans, like this shot:

He also got several of a very pensive gorilla who apparently both understood and resented his duty to submit to photographs. I especially like this pose:

The other animals seemed  reticent about getting near enough to be decently photographed, though I believe I can  do some cropping to make some pictures work. The animals may have been intimated by the approximately eight (by my estimation) groups of elementary school children on field trips that absolutely swarmed the zoo. I wanted to  get away from all those  kids myself!

So, sadly, our excursion doesn't really inspire me to write a stellar narration. We went. I had wheelchair problems. The Lord mercifully got us home safely. I suppose I could write an interesting account of the whole fiasco, and maybe even enliven it with  some humor. But I find myself feeling as bored with it as that poor gorilla appeared to be with his paparazzi.

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