Thursday, June 26, 2014

I'll Say it Again...And Again

On the surface, it seems that another bout of writer's block has infected me. I find myself staring blankly at the computer screen, mentally fumbling for something to write that I haven't written several times over. I chastise myself for being a "Johnny One Note" by my constant posts insisting on the authority of Scripture. I admonish myself that readers need variety. "Too much of a good thing," and all that tommy-rot.

Meanwhile, false teaching (or at least poor teaching) continues to corrode evangelical  churches because mystical experience, pragmatic marketing and political  correctness now dominate them. According to an April 23, 2012 article in the Huffington Post, for instance, 80% of unmarried "Christians" engage in premarital sex, claiming that the Bible's prohibition against it doesn't hold up under today's cultural norms. As usual, the Bible takes second place to satisfying "felt need" and conforming to the world's standards.

 Many other examples of disobedience abound, so I cite premarital sex among professing Christians as merely one of a proliferation of violations. Another time, maybe I'll discuss the issue at length, but for now  I mention it only as a symptom of a growing tendency to have a form of Christianity that minimizes the Bible, thus eradicating obedience to the Lord.

This subjugation of obedience to the Lord to human preference happens precisely because evangelicals either read Scripture carelessly by taking  verses out of context or by interpreting it through subjective experience. The hard work of studying it, and the even harder work of properly applying it, holds little appeal to many professing Christians because they don't really accept it as the actual Word of God.

Therefore, I believe I must repeatedly write about Scripture, even if people accuse me of riding a hobby-horse. Although my sphere of influence remains limited, I pray the Lord will use me to encourage reverence  for God's Word.

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