Friday, June 13, 2014

Honoring A Name

For quite some time, the idea of blogging about my name, as well as my frustration that people disregard how I introduce myself (either DebbieLynne or Deb) by insisting on calling me Debbie, has kept bubbling up in my thoughts. One morning earlier this week, I awakened well before time for the alarm clock to squawk, so I occupied myself by mentally formulating a post addressing the matter. I even knew what photo I'd use!

As I looked at the clock again, this time a scant two minutes before the alarm would rouse John and set our day in motion, I knew that writing such a post would be self-serving. Sure, it might help me convince more people not to call me Debbie. It would undoubtedly satisfy my desire for catharsis. But, I asked myself, how would it glorify the Lord?

Short answer: it wouldn't.

Perhaps I started this blog to showcase my art and writing. But eight years have elapsed  since my inaugural post. Somewhere in this past year, I've arrived at the conviction that my blog should mainly promote Jesus rather than shining the spotlight on me.

Admittedly, I may forget this priority from time to time, although I believe I can share my artwork and Boston Adventures in ways that bring the honor back to Christ without contrivance. And  "without contrivance" is indeed the key. Honor for Him must form the foundation for my writing rather than being tacked on as window dressing to make me look more pious. Writing about my disdain for having the name Debbie applied to me simply has no basis in seeking God's glory, and trying to masquerade the topic as a spiritual issue would, in the end, dishonor His Name.

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