Saturday, June 21, 2014

Deluded Through Dilution

Should watered-down approaches to Christianity really disturb us? After all, salvation comes through faith in Christ, not through having a perfect command of doctrinal intricacies. And, in one sense, I agree that Christ, rather than doctrine, must be our exclusive object of worship. The Bible did not shed blood to atone for sin, nor did the Father raise it from the dead. We may not get everything right in our theology, but we'll still be saved if we believe in  Jesus.

Having made that argument, I hasten to add that the great doctrines of Scripture ensure that we believe in the true Jesus, and not a Jesus that we fabricate to suit our personal tastes. Right doctrine shows us Who Jesus is, how He sees life and what He values. It provides us with true intimacy with Him by giving us access to His mind and heart much more reliably than supposed mystical experiences ever could. In short, right doctrine leads us to the true Jesus Who alone can save us.

When churches water down the Gospel by elevating experience over doctrine or by minimizing doctrine "for the sake of unity," they may fill their services. But by diluting the Gospel to "market" it more effectively (a questionable attitude toward evangelism in its own right), these churches run the risk of leading people to false Christs. And, in so doing, they keep them from authentic salvation. Personally, I find the whole matter profoundly disturbing.

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  1. Hi DebbieLynne,

    Everything good comes from above however as you rightly point out those things that truly are good have to line up with all of scripture, not just the pet verses. This also requires the Holy spirit to give proper discernment to help us know the difference between the spirit of truth and the spirit of error. I don't always get it right every time but then no one does...we must continue to rely on Jesus, on God's goodness and mercy,while honestly continuing to seek His word no matter how bad we feel about the things that are still wrong in us. He is growing us into His likeness to be completed in His time, eh? I do agree about the importance of sound doctrine. Today's church is wishy washy and seeks after only the goodies it can find not wanting the harder meatier food because it is too difficult to assimilate and hard on our pride as well. It's a sign of our wicked times.


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