Thursday, June 12, 2014

Confession Of A Time Miser

Today filled itself with various frustrations, each of which exposed my self-centeredness and continued struggle with rage. Some may accuse me of being too hard on myself for confessing my sins so publicly. Such people, however, would flood my Comments section with merciless rebukes if I used this space to embark on an unbridled rant about all or any of the occurrences that intruded on my plans.

And believe me, I definitely want to rant! Various circumstances interrupted  my plans to build today around what I wanted. The day didn't go my way. Since tomorrow will necessarily revolve around going to the doctor to have stitches taken out (she removed a mole last Friday), I had looked forward to reserving today for my artwork. Consequently, I now feel robbed and  resentful of the assorted aggravations that consumed my time.

Yet, who said  that time belonged to me? Actually, I belong to the  Lord, who purchased me with His blood. His total ownership of me gives Him authority to order the circumstances of my day according to His purposes, even if His purposes include confronting me with my selfishness and  lack of patience. Again!

The Lord, more than anything else, desires to make each of His children holy. Though I believe He cares about my artwork, my blog, and all the other ways I can use my abilities to honor Him, He cares a great deal more about reproducing His character in me. Perhaps the onslaught of frustrations congested the day in order to show me how much more I still need to submit to His Spirit and repent of supposing that anything, including time, belongs to me.

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  1. Convicting post and so true, I too continually bow to God's holiness and my need of forgiveness


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