Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A Patchwork Explanation

We found it necessary to fire another weekend PCA Saturday night, so now we again put our lives on hold while we conduct interviews. Yesterday, we postponed these frustrating and time-consuming proceedings in favor of a jaunt into Boston, where we ate lunch at the Esplanade.

On whole, the day remained uneventful, with the exception of loud blasts and billowing smoke from the Common that caused me  to grab John's arm in fear that another bomb had gone off. Thankfully, the blasts merely commemorated some sort of military observance, so I calmed down and considered the subsequent blasts merely irritations. Otherwise, the day revolved around buying sunscreen (we ran out on our first reapplication).

So, I don't really have much to say today. Certainly, not about Deborah, though I hope many of you read The Womanliness of Deborah that I posted here Friday. As soon as we hire someone, I anticipate more time to study and write, as I desire to help people understand why God's use of Deborah in achieving victory for Israel does not substantiate the practice of allowing women to exercise spiritual leadership over men.

For now, however, don't expect anything deep from me. I'll be here, at least most days, managing to let you know that you can't escape me, and I may even come up with something entertaining. Just give me grace to deal with my PCA search for now, so that I can better concentrate on more theological posts and better narratives of Boston Adventures later.


  1. I'll give you grace but I'll also pray that you find a PCA asap that lasts.

  2. That is so frustrating DebbieLynne, I'm praying you find the help that is needed. Perhaps the Lord in His wisdom changes out your PCA's so that they can learn about Him through you and then move on for the next one to be so blessed...but it must be very taxing on you.

    We own a business so I know a little about hiring and firing, and the blessing of having good workers :)

    About Deborah, I too have a strong will (I attribute it to the fall) but am so blessed to have a strong and loving and Godly husband, and am blessed to be able to fully submit to him, trusting his decisions for us as the best ones, and haven't been disappointed even once in that position...it is wonderful to be able to rest in that <3


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