Friday, June 20, 2014

A Distortion Of Grace

For a brief period in the late 1990s, I tried to consider the possibility that, since God's grace covers my sin, I could indulge my fleshly desires without guilt. I encountered evangelicals online who managed to reconcile their love for Christ with their libertine activities. Frankly, their ability to rationalize behavior that clearly contradicted Scripture intrigued me, and I wondered if maybe I'd been too legalistic in my striving against sin. Could I join them in living as I pleased while still claiming to follow Christ?

Thankfully, I couldn't. I'd sit in church, unable to sing songs about devotion  to the Lord because I knew that He grieved over the thoughts and intention of my heart. In His faithfulness, He kept  me from compromising His Word in order to pursue sin. He had schooled me in His Word enough that I knew better than to abuse His grace so that I could dabble in the things of the world.

Since that ignoble time in my life, I've watched many professing Christians, including personal friends, embrace the same false view of grace that the Lord helped me escape all those years ago. Their error breaks my heart! As deeply as I understand the feeling of relief in believing that one can gratify carnal desires without renouncing Christ, I know that Satan has terribly deceived them.

I pray for the Lord to restore them to Himself as they read His Word.

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