Thursday, May 8, 2014

When Faithfulness Turns Sour

The photos from yesterday's trip into Boston...well, they remain on the camera, useless to illustrate any narrative I might have considered presenting today. Which suits me fine, since I didn't have much to say beyond the glorious truth that spring (dare I say it?) has finally arrived in New England.

Translation: Less frequent blog posts.

And to be truthful, I welcome this easing up on blogging. Lately, I've pressured myself to produce a post nearly every day, and that pressure has made it more of a burden than a joy to write. Cultivating consistency and a sense of responsibility certainly have their place, especially in writing for the Lord, but when those attributes sour into legalism, the focus subtly shifts from God's glory to my purported "faithfulness." Frankly, puffing up my already inflated ego isn't what I want anymore.

As I anticipate more wonderful Boston Adventures, some of which I'll write about, perhaps the relaxation may invigorate my writing as a whole.  We shall see. But when I blog--even about excursions into my beloved adopted city--may my posts ultimately point to Christ. And may I write from joy, not compulsion.

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