Sunday, May 18, 2014

His Blessings For His Glory

For a few months now, I've been reading Psalms and noticing how often David and the other psalmists entreated Israel to praise the Lord for all He'd done on their behalf. Looking at these psalms through 21st Century eyes, I struggle against temptation to equate these ancient Hebrew hymns with the many man-centered songs that typify contemporary praise  music.

The difference, of course, lies in the psalmists' insistence that the Lord's blessings ultimately refer back to Him. Any benefits we receive should cause us to meditate on His power, faithfulness and steadfast love.

Similarly, the hymn I wish to share today recounts God's blessings, but does so in a way that directs our attention back to Him. His care for us, despite our rebellion against Him, shows just how good He really is. And how wonderful that the very King of creation, Who spoke the world into existence, should condescend to care about the details of our lives! His love, which I'll never understand, compels us to shower Him with praise and adoration.

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