Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Discarded Intriguing Titles

Titles attract readers. Think about these famous titles:

Night of the Iguana

The Once and Future King

Like Water for Chocolate

The Waking of Ned Devine

Three Penny Opera

Charlotte's Web

Sometimes I entertain myself my thinking up possible titles for blog posts, imagining ways that I might intrigue people. I've come up with some pretty creative ideas. At  least, I consider them creative, although I  realize it's a matter of opinion. But I do enjoy fitting words together to form interesting phrases, always fantasizing about that ultimate blog post title that will accelerate my blog's popularity.

But I can never create posts that fit my ingenious titles. Sigh. I try, you understand, but my train of thought has a habit of switching tracks and moving in directions that I hadn't anticipated. I don't mind the diversions, especially when I end up composing posts that make better points than I'd originally planned, but I wish my brilliant little titles didn't get discarded in the process.

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